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To ensure that your estate complies with legal regulations concerning waste and the environment, and that any services you may already be outsourcing meet your unique requirements, Helistrat offers waste management strategy services to Facilities Managers and business owners in commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

Our consultants have experience in developing waste management strategies that comply with environmental legislation and that align with waste policies of your customers and other supply chain partners.

  • Waste management strategies developed for retail, commercial and industrial businesses
  • Tailored strategies meet your specific needs
  • Includes best practice (ISO9001) for implementation & maintenance

Waste management strategies from Helistrat require our consultants to understand how your facility or estate operates; we audit the amount of waste you produce, existing methods and costs for disposal, and your any current or future policies you need to consider.

Any existing provider of waste management services can also be inspected for suitability and value.

Initial audits will be carried out before we recommend any waste management strategy; we will collect all the necessary information and propose the most effective waste programme for your environment.

Certified and qualified consultants will provide you with a best-practice strategy for resolving on-going issues, ensuring you get the best deal from waste management contractors and maintaining compliance with environmental legislation.

Strategies for waste management ultimately set out methods for improving standards, reducing costs and increasing profitability.

You’ll benefit from:

  • Improved service levels from incumbent waste contractors
  • Reduced costs of waste management solutions
  • Ensuring waste strategies meet your unique requirements
  • Improved compliance with environmental legislation
  • Improved health & safety of your personnel and customers

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