Hotels and restaurants produce many forms of waste: fats, oils and grease, prep waste and foodstuffs, packaging (inc. plastics, paper and card, aluminium etc) and various types of glass.

Reducing the volumes of waste helps to preserve the environment by reducing landfill, cutting operational costs and improving community reputation.

Consultancy from Helistrat evaluates your current waste disposal policies and by introducing new processes, you’ll reduce your environmental impact and save money; solutions include:

  • recycling foodstuffs (composting, organic fertilizers or animal feed programs)
  • recycling packaging (paper, plastics, cans, glass)
  • controlled disposal of waste
  • improved food preparation processes

Our services help you to introduce best practices that comply with local and national environmental regulations, save on costs of materials and energy, improving your bottom line.

You’ll also benefit from improved health & safety performance and a more sustainable business environment.

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