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Helistrat has been established to deliver maximum environmental sustainability for retail, industrial and commercial sectors.


We deliver essential best practice in certified hard and soft waste management services that minimise impacts of business on the environment and reduce costs; reducing landfill is a driving objective, our solutions minimise waste disposal.


Our qualified consultants are experienced in assessing the sustainability of your energy and waste management processes, their affect on the environment, their compliance with environmental legislation and how they provide for the health & safety of your personnel and customers.


Developing sustainability strategies requires knowledge of legislation and working practices; Facilities Managers benefit from strategies that meet exacting standards; cost management, project management and tender management services all delivered using Concept®.


The more materials you recycle, the less waste gets sent to landfill; Helistrat provides recycling solutions that reduce the amount of waste disposal. There are financial incentives for businesses across all sectors to recycle.

On-site and management services

Management services from make sense of complex environmental legislation regarding the way you manage your waste; on-site services from Helistrat follow our best practice methodology to ensure you get the best value and maintain compliance.

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