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Helistrat target the Green Apple Awards

Added : 27th April 2011

Harvey LaudHelistrat Management Services are proud to announce that their work on waste management programs with Marks and Spencer has been rewarded by the presentation of a Green Apple Trophy at the recent awards ceremony in London. Helistrat collaborated with Marks and Spencer to help them win a coveted Green Apple Award by reducing waste going to landfill to an all time low.

Over the last two years Helistrat Management Services have reduced the percentage of waste taken to landfill by 92%, increased recycling at a steady pace of 90% per month and re-invented the post consumer waste backhauling process across Marks and Spencer ensuring that the aggressive targets on waste reduction and recycling were met.

As part of the driving force behind Marks and Spencer’s Plan A project, Helistrat will ensure that by 2012 waste to landfill will reduce even further, with an ultimate goal of 0%. So far, the commitment to this has resulted in recycled packaging throughout Marks and Spencer being maximised, with a capacity of 91% of Food and 98% of General Merchandise packaging being recycled where possible.

The partnership between Helistrat and Marks and Spencer is bound to develop even further and the team at Helistrat will undoubtedly be trying to repeat the success of this year at next years Green Apple Awards.

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